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Episode 51: Maybe You Need A Subscription Box with Jesse Richardson

In this episode, Megan interviews Jesse Richardson from Crate Joy. They talk all about subscription boxes.

Endless possibilities for subscription boxes.

Things discussed:

  • How to Start your own Subscription Box
    – Find your Niche
    (what experience do you want to give your customers? Is it based on discovery or replenishment?)
  • Build a Landing Page
    -Identify your communities. Get some traffic to your page. Look at how well your audience will respond to your idea. It lets you test how effective you are on creating or marking your product to your target market. It gives you a strong marketable asset.
  • Things to consider on building a subscription
  • Free sampling
  • Pricing
  • Marketing pitch
  • Looking for suppliers
  • Planning for the launch
  • How many items to put in a box
  • How do you reach out to vendors
  • Product packaging
  • How to handle getting feedback



Episode 50: Pinterest Domination with Dennis Kashkin

In this episode, Megan talks with Dennish Kashkin from Boardbooster  about marketing strategies on Pinterest.

Pinterest will not be made for you. It’s going to be what your fans want.

Pinterest audience are mainly female and research shows that they have a very strong intention to buy. Most users who get a lot of repins are pinning not only their content but also content created by others.

Everything you publish on your boards, send signals to Pinterest on how good you are at meeting the needs of others. Publish a good mix of yours and third party content.

Optimize your pinning strategy to achieve better metrics.

Secret boards has no impact on your public boards. Better to put your personal pins on secret boards. Invest in the quality of your public boards. Make sure that every pin has a source link.

Boardbooster has pin doctor. Tests your pins for nine common problems.

If you have budget, why not test and see how Facebook, google, and pinterest advertising work side by side.

You want to make sure that everything you pin has meaningful descriptions. Consider key wording whenever you are entering any text in pinterest.

Questions answered:

  • How to measure if you are successful in a pinterest campaign?
  • What are the things that you should keep in mind developing strategy in pinterest?
  • Does pinterest ads are a good thing things to implement?

Episode 49: Results from 30-Day Instagram Challenge

In this episode, Megan will be sharing all the things I learned from my 30 Day Instagram Challenge.

Tips on Instagram Domination

1. Do everything ahead of time. Do it in batches.
– I posted 3x a day for 30 days.

2. How many posts should be about their products or about other things?
– I recommended that you focus on a ratio of about 3 posts of value and 1 post of selling.
– Treat your account as a community more than for selling.

3. Profile should really involve what’s in it for a follower and not you.
– Create a feature. Link to something specific.
– People will use keywords on their profiles.

4. Hashtags:
– Keep it at about 29 -30.
– Find a hashtag that is less than a million post and more than 50,000 posts, so you’re post will not get lost.

5. I recommend that your post has a call to action so that you start creating community.

– A desktop app that automatically posts to instagram for you.

7. I get more engagement when I post regularly.

8. Follow posts and like posts. Instagram doesn’t like when you automate your community. Regularly build your community.

9. Curation and cleanup
– Always make sure that you present your best self. I recommend that you cleanup posts that have low engagement.

Episode 48: Social Media 101 with Jarred Andrews

In this episode, we are with Jarred Andrews talking about how to get started on social media with your business.


  • Why do you think so many small business owners are intimidated by Linkedin?
    Do you think that google plus is also important for online businesses?
  • What are the first platforms that my business should be on?
  • What are your tips for creating new content?
  • What is a good ratio for your content?
  • What’s a good benchmark to say that your content isn’t working for you?
  • What do you think is the time should there be a hire on a social media manager?
  • What kind of schedule should I make for social media platforms?
  • Do you think its a good strategy to share same articles on different platforms? Do you think tone should be different on each platform depending on what it is?
  • How do you find hashtag that works? Should you have hashtags on Facebook posts?
  • What are the best apps when starting a business?
  • Buffer vs Hootsuite?


  • Search feature on Pinterest is amazing.
    Have a google plus page for your business. The information on location and contact will be linked to your account when it appears on the search engine.
  • 63% of people searching for products are on the Google platform.
  • Be open to trial and error on generating content in the first 3-6 weeks. After that, you’ll get a feel of what works for your audience. Think in a different way on creating your content. Think about what your audience like to see.
  • Having a social media account manager is a good sounding board.
  • Engagements go up and down. The more consistent you are, the more responsive your followers will be.
  • Focus on making your pages on different platforms consistent on information. Analytics will give you information on the best times to post. Mix and match articles.
  • You want to be conversational on your hashtags. Emojis are very
    friendly in your posts.

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@jarredjandrews and [email protected]

Episode 47: Negativity and Haters

In this episode, Megan talks all about the negative parts of business or the gross part. Megan discusses about handling negativity and haters in business.

Haters suck. You always remember the negative part more than the positive ones.

What you should do:

– You shouldn’t give the negative people attention.

– Do not allow it in your life.

– Be open to constructive criticism as a business person.

– You don’t owe these hates anything.

– Delete and Block.

– If you get negativity from family, sit down and talk to them.

– Hire CSR if you can.

– Never allow negativity to stop you from growing.

Episode 46: Remember What’s Important

In this episode, Megan talks about setting your priorities straight and thinking about what’s important for you.

We know that your business is important to you but what other things are more important than your business?

  • Remember that you can run your business anytime but other things such as having time with your family isn’t the same.
  • What is your “why”? What is that thing or thought that keeps you motivated?
  • If you do everything yourself, you’re gonna go bananas. When you feel bananas, stop and think about what matters to you most.
  • Evaluate your system. Make it work for you.
  • It’s not about sacrifice but its about systems.


Episode 45: Going Backwards and Changing Course

In this episode, Megan talks about how she copes up with stress during this time of the year when it is near the holidays.

Megan is working on bringing her products back on the website.

There is no shame in asking for value for your time and skill.

Should you be stressed about the Holidays? What you should do?

– Take a day off. Treat yourself.

– Try and figure out if there’s a root to the problem.

– Think and go backwards.

If you give this a shot, let the answer come to you. Trust your gut with it.